Weekend Wonderful – Five Things

We’ve been off the grid over here for a few days (getting sick is not my favorite), but nevertheless, it’s the weekend! Most Sundays start slowly in our household: a cup of coffee, a walk around the block to Chloe’s favorite spots, and then we settle into a cozy day at home with football in the background (for the man), and design inspiration on Pinterest and assorted other creative projects for me. We thought we’d start today with five things we think are pretty wonderful this weekend – enjoy the day, and get ready for a fantastic week!

1. This Lilly Pulitzer x Target collaboration, launching mid-April, makes our hearts skip a beat (despite the media critique for limitations on sizing in store).  From the VP of Creative Communications Jane Schoenborn: “This collection appeals to every woman, and that’s what we’re so proud of. Lilly was so inclusive.” Chloe is really hoping for some dog-friendly accessories and perhaps a preppy new puppy bed, and I am excited for absolutely anything that comes to us from the Pink Palace! #BuyMeLilly

Weekend Wonderful // Detailed & Delighted, Five Things

2. A fantastic infographic from the folks at Mindflash on the Anatomy of an Outstanding Resume. I look through a number of resumes each week at work, and the sheer volume of poorly constructed ones is incredible – so this weekend, be sure you read up, button yours up, and put your best foot forward the next time you send out this one page summary of your professional experience and accomplishments!

Detailed & Delighted // Weekend Wonderful, Five Things

3. In the best news for women’s health we’ve heard in years, Cambridge University has discovered a gene that serves as a key indicator for one severe type of breast cancer, and researchers think that this may lead to new treatments and therapies for breast cancer patients. Read the full article here, and be sure to remind female friends and family to get tested regularly: Breast Cancer Discovery, from the UK ‘Telegraph’.

Detailed & Delighted // Weekend Wonderful, Five Things

4. For my SF friends and readers: the BEST dog groomer we’ve found in the city! Wags (on Polk) is clean, the staff is friendly, and Chloe came home after a hypoallergenic oatmeal bath and a good brushing, smelling like a dream and happy to have met some new friends. Can’t recommend them enough!

Detailed & Delighted // Weekend Wonderful, Five Things

Detailed & Delighted // Weekend Wonderful, Five Things

5. Given that we’re halfway through ‘engagement season’, and half of everyone I know is either moving into a new home, having a baby, or getting engaged, we’ve assembled a fantastic domestic gift that will please everyone from the carb-obsessed to the most particular bespoke chef. Flour + Water is an SF institution, and their new cookbook does not disappoint (in-depth review here). Pair it with the perfect pasta maker from Williams Sonoma (or this one, if they already have a stand mixer). Bonus: you’ll likely be invited back for a dinner party, thanks to your fabulous present, and you can enjoy the gift that keeps giving!

Detailed & Delighted // Weekend Wonderful, Five Things



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