Perfectly Styled: Home Office Redesign

Today, we’re talking home office inspiration. We live in the city, and when we moved into our current apartment last summer, I remember being blown away that we had a large master bedroom AND a separate home office – how lucky were we!?

Then we moved in, and I quickly de-prioritized the office design, focusing mainly on our oddly long living room – we made it work with multiple seating areas – and our bedroom (hello, dhurrie rug). From there, life took over, and I’ve spent the last seven months working from the dining room table, Pinterest-ing in bed, emailing from the breakfast bar, and blogging from the living room couch. Suffice it to say that it was high time for the office to get functional in a hurry – and lucky for me, I found a piece of art by accident that inspired the whole project. My 2015 kick-off project has become redesigning my home office (okay, okay, the man gets a portion of the room too) and creating a space that is both beautiful and inspirational, while maintaining the functionality that I need to #GSD (get. stuff.done.). My Pinterest addiction has been extremely helpful in keeping myself organized/shopping for the details, and it’s a great way to store the visuals that I need to get the project done (click through the mood board below to see the full design board).

If I could give a single piece of advice for designing a room, it would be to start with a fulcrum piece – one item that you can anchor the rest of the room to. This is probably a good time to bring up my obsession with camels (those eyelashes!) and the tropics (anything palm print!) – the room you design should have you and your likes at the center, and radiate outward from there. The watercolor ‘Kissing Camel’ print is just one example of the fun you can bring to a room as functional as a home office, with a single piece – have fun with it!

At Berkeley, I took an interior aesthetics class from the Art History department, and I’ve never been able to forget the class where we played with color swatches and made ‘clashing collages’. What I took away from that class was that even if you want a ‘simple’ or ‘muted’ design overall, you CAN play with colors (and disparate ones at that!). For our new office, we’re going with a simple background palette and classic furniture designs (white, wood, and pops of gold) accented by bright poppy colors that will give the room a tropical sense of vibrance and whimsicality. My favorite design inspiration for this project has come from Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, and Aerin Lauder – but so much of it mirrors my imagination and the things I think are fun and pretty. Can’t wait to share the before and afters soon!

Detailed & Delighted // Home Office Redesign Inspiration

Detailed & Delighted | Home Office Redesign Inspiration


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