Friday Fabulous: Birthday Weekend!

Around here, it’s the beginning of birthday weekend for me (his is next weekend!) – which means lots of fun activities on the docket! It also means that I’m putting this new year in perspective, and thinking about all of the things that I want to achieve and experience in 2015. Some people make New Year’s resolutions – I like to make new birthday year plans, and I can’t wait to share a bunch of them with you! This week’s fab 5 just so happen to center around some of my goals for the next year – check them out, and try some of them with me! Happy Friday – I hope your weekend is just as fabulous as mine promises to be.

1. This interactive restaurant map in Eater SF is EVERYTHING – how many of these amazing establishments have you checked out, SF friends? My number so far is 12, and we have a special birthday dinner planned at one of the restaurants on this list – can’t wait!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous, Birthday edition

2. How many days a week do you practice being a bombshell or sex kitten? While it may seem silly in the abstract, Workshop. SF is hosting a ‘Hair Rebel Bootcamp: Teasing 101, Valentines Sex Kitten Edition’ class next week to help you get your sexy on before love month is upon us (no pun intended). Sign up on their website, and get ready to wow everyone you know!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous, Birthday edition

3. Speaking of love, whenever I need a laugh or feel mushy, I head over to the New York Times’ ‘Modern Love’ column for a series of reader-submitted essays that are as funny as they are heartwarming – check them out here, and make sure you share with all of your love-struck friends.

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous, Birthday edition, photo via The Glitter Guide

4. Stress is the #1 reason for illness in the US, according to myriad new studies and reports from the Department of Health. No kidding! We work 60 hour work weeks in sales (okay, I do), hold down second jobs and multiple blogs (guilty again), juggle multiple schedules and weeklong routines, and we wonder why we end up with a cold/flu/sinus infection. My favorite solve? A Saturday without a to-do list, a long walk outside with Chloe and the man, and a big green smoothie from ‘Evolution SF’, full of antioxidants and leafy greens. I also love the idea of turning off all of our electronics, and reading for a few hours in the den – something I plan to do more of this year. More tips here for real life de-stress tactics that work in this Inc. article, according to scientific evidence (obviously).

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous, Birthday edition

5. Who DOESN’T dream of a perfectly organized and highly stylized closet, full of only the things we like and want to wear? I call this the ‘closet complex’, and I definitely have it this month, in a major way. My closet is slightly dysfunctional at the moment, and even though I did a heavy clean out last month, I still feel as though I’m holding onto a few items that would be better served in someone ELSE’S closet. This flowchart and humorous advice article from Vogue helps. Follow the chart, and work your way towards closet nirvana!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous, Birthday edition




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