The Wonderful World of Pinterest

Happy Sunday! Chloe and I got off to a lazy start this weekend, and spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday buzzing around the marina in Lulu’s and doing some Valentine’s shopping. Today, we’re talking about the wonderful world of Pinterest – which is a great rainy (or every) day activity!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that if you’re reading this post, you likely have a Pinterest account (or are constantly pinning, like us). For the 0.05% of the country that has been living under a rock for the past 4 years, Pinterest is an online Pinboard community – you can pin images to related boards (i.e ‘Fashion’), click through many pins to consume external content or purchase an item from a retailer, and follow friends and other pinners to get inspired/re-pin their pins. It’s a way for users to curate groups of images, items, and content, and organize it in a way that is meaningful to them. Remember making collages from magazine cutouts of your favorite things? Now you can do so online, no glue stick necessary.Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest

I love Pinterest (and have since it’s beta release) because it lends itself really nicely to a number of different use cases – I use my pinboards for myriad different things, depending on the board/project I’m working on. Here are our top 7 reasons to use Pinterest:

1. To bookmark and test new RECIPES. Pro tip: if you care to create a separate board for each type of recipe, it will make them much easier to curate/look through to find that perfect spinach dip when you need it.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


2. To find OUTFIT INSPIRATION. Chloe and I break out fashion boards by season and style – I have Preppy boards, and more modern/edgy boards, so I can find outfit inspiration in a jiffy as needed.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


3. To create your WISHLIST. I’ve been doing this for the last year or so, and it works really well: any time I see/find an item that I want to buy for myself (maybe a fancy handbag, or something I’d want to save for), I add it to my wish list board. Then, over time, I find myself moving pins off of that board, or deciding that I don’t want or need that particular item. It also re-affirms those that I really do want, and those are the items I eventually purchase. Test it out!

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


4. To bookmark BLOG INSPIRATION. Enough said – when I see something I want to share with my followers, or that might inspire a creative blog post down the road, I save it to a specific board, and refer back to it regularly when I need inspiration.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


5. To plan your next VACATION. The beautiful pictures of faraway lands alone would be enough – but Pinterest is also full of expert travel tips, reviews of resorts and accommodation, and money saving tips for travelers.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


6. To create a MOOD BOARD FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY. Last year, I started a board called ‘Derby Day’, and 3 months later, I was hosting the most-tricked out event ever, thanks to a ton of pinned images/free printables and recipes I found on Pinterest.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest


7. To plan A WEDDING. Now, to be fair, I have a TON of wedding boards, given that I have a second vocation in the industry. But for those that are engaged, Pinterest serves as a great platform to share ideas/designs with you family and friends, as well as a planner (*hint hint). Pro tip: if you separate your wedding pins by type (i.e. backdrop, dresses, bridesmaids, favors etc), it will be much easier to use your boards effectively.

Detailed & Delighted // The Wonderful World of Pinterest

Happy Pinning!

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