Perfectly Styled: Start Up Workspace

Let’s talk office decor for a minute – a few weeks ago I shared the inspiration behind my home office: girly, balanced with neutrals, and peppered with eclectic details. But how much time do I ACTUALLY get to spend there during the work week? Unless there’s a long weekend happening, or a rare day working from home with Chloe, I’m really only there enjoying the space 3-5 hours each week. The weekend is really where I can cash in on time spent in a home office, and get things done.

Back to work: one of the great parts about working in San Francisco (start ups specifically) is the way the crusty-old-office mentality just isn’t a thing. There’s not a single cubicle in my office, and we eat (locally sourced organic) lunch at gigantic picnic benches in the middle of the sales floor. At many companies, you also have the opportunity to ‘make your space your own’ – reference A.) The gigantic office teepee I installed in my last office. Or the beanbag around my desk (gifted to my friend P on my way out the door).  Or the pink pom poms and letterpress prints I had framed up on the walls. The personalization opportunities are virtually endless!

Now that I’ve started at a new company (and we’re moving offices), I’ve been trying to decide how I want to decorate my workspace. We’re actively encouraged to customize our desks (and generously allowed to expense a portion of said decor) – and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m a creative and visual ‘Right Brain‘ person, who also works in SAAS sales and data analytics – so as you may have assumed, I need my workspace to be equal parts pretty and functional. My usual work flow includes getting in early, hustling through phone calls, spending a lot of time on my Macbook, and running to meetings. I also take brain breaks to blog, pin on Pinterest, read social articles, or check in with my crew throughout the day. All of these things together keep me balanced during the work day – so at my desk, that’s exactly the design theme that I’ll be going with.

Balance. I’m going to start with my all-time favorite graphic print (the palm motif), and hang it as a backdrop behind my desk (loving the Tommy Bahama multi-functional fabric). I’ll be working with a black + white neutral palette, with pops of gold and jungle green to keep things interesting.

Here’s my design inspiration board, and you can shop along via the links below:

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled: Startup Workspace

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled: Startup Workspace

Clockwise from center:

1. Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms Aloe Fabric – the backdrop is necessary

2. Moon and Lola ‘Like a Boss’ pillow – good for lumbar support, and the mantra is self explanatory

3. Jonathan Adler Menagerie Elephant Ornament in Midnight – keeping things fun and doubles as a paperweight

4. Himmeli hanging planter, via Etsy – a little live greenery goes a long way

5. Hermes ‘Avalon’ wool blanket in Ecru/Dark Gray – a little chic to keep warm, because you have never felt cold like the concrete sales-floor of a start up. End of story

6. Bamboo and Ferns ceramic coasters – great for keeping that coffee mug off of your paperwork, and cute to boot!

7. Sugar Paper Polka Dot Journal in Black + Gold – because when you’re late for a meeting, this notepad is too cute to forget.

Happy working!


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