Packing List: Bachelorette Weekend

Can we talk about packing for travel for a second? I’m a planner, I’m a former girl scout (#AlwaysBePrepared), and I also revel in a pure hatred of laundry. When you combine those three things, it makes packing for a trip tricky (to say the least). Throw into the mix two full time jobs, only 16 waking hours each day, a lot of extra-curriculars, and a very needy Bagel hound named Chloe – and you’ve got a recipe that makes it challenging to get out of the house to go anywhere.

I’ve been a list-maker for all of my adult life and most of my childhood (ask my mom), and I stand behind the fact that lists have saved my life and my sanity before just about every trip I’ve ever taken. I start with a list of activities I have planned for the trip at hand, and then list out preliminary outfit ideas by day (aka 7 days total, Monday: hike to the river, workout clothes with hiking boots, change of warm clothes for evening campfire). It really helps me get a grip on the basics, and then I can focus on specifics – for the previous example, I might be thinking about which workout clothes I want to bring – lulu’s or Athleta leggings? Nike top or Southern Marsh t-shirt? Do I need a jacket or vest?

After I’ve put together my list, I walk into my closet and start pulling the items I’m certain of – for a beach vacation, start with swimwear and sandals; for the mountains, I recommend starting with multifunctional outerwear. I lay everything out on the bed, and then supplement/detract from the piles as needed. Eventually, after I’ve edited down my packing pile to exactly what I want to bring, I organize it into day/evening/workout/sleep attire and accessories, and pack my suitcase in quadrants. In this way, in a relatively efficient fashion, I have succeeded in packing for a trip in usually not more than an hour. The VERY last items I include on top of my suitcase are my makeup bags and toiletries – and I run through my list one last time before I zip up my suitcase, to be sure I have everything I’ll need.

The end of this month requires extra attention to packing detail (and major planning), given that I’m co-hosting a bachelorette party for my girl L in Scottsdale for 3 days, and then headed on a weeklong tropical vacation. So what does one pack for a bachelorette in Scottsdale? Applying my earlier logic, let’s plan it out:

Friday: Travel day/Casual Night out

– linen pants + cardigan for the plane, GIGANTIC tote bag to carry all weekend party necessities, cowgirl boots and casual outfit for a night out in Scottsdale

Saturday: Pool Day/Major Night out!

– shorts + party tank and bikini for the pool (+ flip flops), formal black dress + comfy wedges for a night on the town

Sunday: Quick flight home to pack for vacation

– Lulu’s and t-shirt for travel, sweater for plane, flip flops to drive home from the airport


Detailed & Delighted // Travel: Packing for a Bachelorette

1. ShopBop Canvas Beach Tote, $100

2. Kurt Geiger Capella Suede Wedges, $350

3. Chi Chi London Gold Sequined Party dress, $92

4. Custom Etsy Party tank

5. FRYE ‘Daisy Duke’ Vintage studd cowgirl boots, $650

6. Victoria’s Secret PINK Flounce Bikini top and bottoms, $90

7. Essie ‘Bachelorette Bash’ Nail polish, for the perfect weekend mani!

Happy Travels!

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