Today’s inspiration – and a few other things

I’ve been spending a lot of my open-eye minutes recently thinking about what inspires me. Not that I really have time to set aside for this activity – it’s more like it pervades my subconscious while I’m doing other things, like dialing in for a sales call or talking to a girlfriend over a glass of wine at a very well decorated bar (happy hour, duh). I’ve noticed I can’t go more than 5 minutes without thinking about something creative, even when I’m engaged in another activity – and that has me considering my life plans.

It might sound a little silly in the abstract, but in general, I’ve been working on mindfulness, and distilling some of the 5,000,000,000+ thoughts that I have each day into tangible ideas and action-starters. I have also recently realized and acknowledged that there is only so much data capacity in my brain – how much actual hard drive is still available remains to be seen, but certainly my processing speed is impacted when I have a lot going on (so there, that’s proof! Sort of). I still believe that I can do everything I want to, semi-simultaneously, and fairly fabulously – it’s just going to take some mindful consideration and planning.

So all this is to say that about 3 times an hour at work, and on my phone every 10 minutes the rest of the time, I’m finding inspiration online, on Pinterest, reading articles, and dreaming big dreams. It’s a lot like daydreaming, and it’s great for my professional productivity. Here are 5 things creatively inspiring me today – where are you finding inspiration?

1. This perfectly ladylike living lounge, accented by a gilded mirrors and marble side table, a natural jute rug, and the most perfect custom upholstered floral lounge chair. Society Social, you are the stuff dreams are made of. I can just picture having a ginormous home office one day and a lounge area to make as girly as possible…

Detailed & Delighted // Inspired

2. This retro photo of Françoise Hardy in a rattan peacock chair. This is what I’m saying: I want a peacock chair more than ANYTHING. Very Mrs. Lilien, no?? And also: how gorgeous is her sunkissed preppy look, in very little makeup?

Detailed & Delighted // Inspired

3. Neon signs like this one at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in the city (SF) (in pink, obviously). I’ve been dreaming of a ‘Detailed & Delighted’ neon sign for a while now – it might be time to pick one up…

Detailed & Delighted // Inspired

4. Saving up for a dreamy summer home, like this one in Nantucket. I have a lot of things to save for first (and I mean a LOT), but one day, I think it would be really special to give our future kids a place to call home outside of the hustle of life during the summers. Being near the sea is a must; sand is an added bonus; add in East Coast charm, and its a no brainer. Nantucket it will be.

Detailed & Delighted // Inspired

5. The most perfect girly chic wallpaper and matching monogram to go with it – le sigh, when will we live somewhere long enough to put up wallpaper? Alexis Bednyak (conritbutor at Rue Magazine, stylist, and designer extraordinaire) really kills me with her perfect modern prep designs. LOVE.

Detailed & Delighted // Inspired

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