Chloe the Bagel Hound: A Brief Biography

For the roughly 5-10 people in the continental US who have yet to hear me talk about Chloe, I thought we might do a brief introduction this morning. The dog, the myth, the legend needs very little introduction – but for those of you wondering what her favorite food and pastimes are, as well as her napping and daycare schedule, this post is for you.

The journey to find Chloe was a fortuitous one – my childhood beagle Betty (lovable, insane, and completely sassy until the day she passed) had passed away last year after a very full life at my parents’ house, and I had been spending at least an hour a day on, trying to hunt down an animal that would be suitable for a San Francisco apartment. For those wondering, there are very few apartments in SF that allow animals of any kind, much less a howl-y beagle or non-potty-trained puppy. So I eventually resigned myself to wait until I grew up, bought a house, and settled down to find my next furry friend.

As luck would have it, last summer we moved into a condo with very flexible guidelines on dogs, and by November, I was back on the hunt for a new forever friend. I knew I wanted a hound, and I was pretty convinced that an adult rescue dog would be better behaved in our 1.5 bedroom than a squirrely puppy – and that was how I found Chloe’s rescue posting. Her photo online was all ears and long body; awkward tongue wagging and big soulful eyes. I was hooked, and 6 weeks later into the adoption process, we drove 2 hours north to pick her up from foster care. She promptly made friends with us both, trotted over to our SUV on her new leash, and comfortably perched herself in the car hammock I had bought for her arrival; napping for the entire drive home. We’ve been best friends ever since, and Chloe-Clarabelle is one of the best things that has happened to me in my adult life. Here are some of her stats:Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Name: Chloe Clarabelle, The Bagel Hound (**for those wondering, that’s a mix of a Beagle and a Basset hound)

Nickname: Coco, Coco-bean, The Bean, hound

Favorite Color: Red and pink, obvi. All of my accessories are preppy and plaid. My harness is my statement piece – I have three, and I wear them all the time.

Favorite Food: I eat Blue Buffalo lean kibble on the reg, but Bacon is my favorite sneaky treat. I also take down a bone a day, no questions asked – they’re my fave!

Favorite Game: Fetch! I love my yellow tennis ball, and will chase it anywhere – under the couch, in the yard, or on the beach!

Favorite Place to Visit: The beach – I’ve been spending a lot of time at Ocean and Baker Beach in SF. I also love my daycare (which I visit twice a week), and my personal dog walker Twink is the coolest! She takes me wherever I want to go around the neighborhood, and we just walk and sniff and play together.

Favorite Pastime: Napping – I sleep like 18 hours a day. I’m a cuddle muffin, and a lap dog – you will pet me and love me, no matter what. I also snore – so what? I’m big on Marina brunches, walks along Marina green, and I love to get baths at Wags dog grooming on Polk!

Plans for the Future: Aside from co-editing Detailed & Delighted with mom, I plan to live out my days in my loving home with lots of treats. Maybe one day, we can move to a house with less stairs – those are not my fave, but I deal, because our Bay view is the best. Also, I would like a sibling to play with, preferably a Great Dane or Golden Retriever soon.

Follow Me: You will find me peppered throughout this blog, and you can also follow me on Instagram @Chloethebagelhound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

Detailed & Delighted // Chloe the Bagel Hound

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