Friday Fabulous – July 10th Edit

Phew, this was a long one! Between coming off of a holiday weekend, a lot of lingering June gloom in the city, stepping into a new role at work, and kicking wedding season into high gear, we are READY FOR THE WEEKEND OVER HERE. Chloe has on her party harness, I’m counting down the hours until girl’s night tonight with Rach and G-money (I have the raddest friends), and its going to be a good one – I can feel it! Let’s all just make a pact to get through the next 6-9 hours with grace and moderate energy (ahem, coffee), and by then, we will have made it – k?

Here’s our weekly round up of what’s Fabulous on Friday to get you through your morning:

1. In one of the saddest celebrity break-up’s since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (and Jen + Brad/Jessica + Nick before them…), the estimable Lord Scott Disick and reality maven Kourtney Kardashian have ended a decade of good times, hard laughs on TV, and dysfunctional family vibes via monogrammed loafers and a home that resembles ‘Beetlejuice’. Here, some of his best moments while being his hilarious self, in memoriam of happier times :

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

2. The prettiest little tassel earrings that you ever did see have made it to Baublebar – and I have to tell you, I think we all need a pair. What ELSE are you going to wear with that overtly colorful peasant dress/maxxi on your vacay to tropical isles? I thought so – find them here:

3. Feminism is making something of an unexpected play right now – in architecture. ‘She-sheds’ are this years alternative to ‘Man-caves’ – and after seeing how chic these can be, you’re going to want one too. I’m having a vision of myself running D&D from a treehouse shed…and how delightful is the Ivy-covered hideout for any purpose you like? More here:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

Ivy ‘She-shed’ via PureWow

4. My girl P.J. and I discovered the BEST new French confiserie (sweet shoppe) in SOMA this week, and made a WELL WORTH IT afternoon expedition in search of Macarons and treats. We came back from Chantall Guillon with lemon poppyseed (me) and red velvet macarons (her), and the best iced tea I’ve ever had – seriously. They serve Mariage Freres French Tea in ‘Vert Provence’ on ice – think Lavender and Rose scented green tea, with the faintest hint of Jasmine. You can order the tea in bulk here (don’t worry, I already have), but this shop is a MUST visit in town:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

The best iced tea ever. ‘Vert Provence’ from Chantal Guillon

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

5. With followers like Oprah Winfrey and celebrities themselves, the ladies running ‘The Skimm’ have got a thing or two to say about the news, and how much of it you need, in a new Business Insider Article (thanks for sharing, Mom). “[Readers] might be going to a cocktail party or wedding, where news stories come up in conversation. We want our readers to be able to start the conversations. The Skimm is meant to be a confidence booster.” Read more here about what it takes to be a #boss, and sign up for ‘The Skimm’ here:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, Co-founders of The Skimm

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