Perfectly Styled: Beverly Hills Bath Inspiration

For those of us that live in San Francisco, we know that updating a new apartment can be daunting – perhaps your living room is missing a light source (ours was last time around), the nearest laundry mat is 10 blocks away, or maybe your bathroom doesn’t have a working fan/window. Whatever the situation is, most pre-war and even homes built in the ’50’s and ’60’s have abundant quirks – and it’s up to you to decide how much weird is acceptable/livable.

Being something of a DIY-lover, I was pretty excited when we originally toured our new space – and a lot of that centered around the fact that we will have not one, but TWO vintage bathrooms in our new apartment. Add to that the existing tile from 1950 in an amazing vintage pattern, and you have one rad set of guest bathroom ‘bones’ to work with. I immediately starting picturing scenes from the Beverly Hills Hotel – those iconic striped pool towels, palm printed walls, and Pepto pink in abundance.

We decided to have some fun with the space (since it’s already bright and punchy), and by this time next week, we should be moved in and ready to tango! Check out my mood board below for inspiration – I promise to post Before/After pictures from our actual space down the road!

Key Inspiration Elements:

The Beverly Hills Hotel Iconic Logo and Signature Color

A fresh take on the palm print wall (that matches our existing tile more closely than the original palm wallpaper)

A Flamingo to really anchor the leisure vibe in the powder room

Clean polished nickel accents and a new fixture that will sparkle for guests

That perfect pink retro tile, which will remain intact

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled: Beverly Hills Bath Inspo

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