Marina Girl Says: It’s MOVING DAY!

This just in, party animals: our little 3-ring circus (and about 25+ boxes of our goods and wares) are being packed onto a large truck today, and moved across town!  We are relocating to a quieter part of the city with more room to breathe, far less tourists, and a whole lot of new adventures in store.

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Farewell Lombard Street!

The view from our patio was postcard perfect.

Living on Lombard street has been a major adventure this year – and Chloe the hound is going to miss the tiny secret park across the street (that’s actually more of a garden) and all of the tourist friends she makes each day while sniffing around our neighborhood. This apartment was my very first with a working wood burning fireplace (so great in the winter), granite countertops (helllloo pie dough and baking convenience!), and a designated home office to blog/work/dream out of! I’m so grateful to have had this be the place we brought Chloe home to from the rescue, as well as launching this blog you’re reading out of our home office – not to mention, the world’s most fantastic landlord (thank you, H!) who made everything a breeze while living here.

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Farewell Lombard Street!

Chloe the Bagel Hound Surveying the Living Room on Lombard Street

It’s time to say farewell to Russian Hill – we’re ready for new adventures with both our little family, and with Detailed & Delighted, and we hope you’ll join us across town for more blog posts and good things to come. New home, new address, new start – YAY YAY HOORAY for Moving Day!

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