Preppy Can I: Sailing Attire

California natives are frankly REALLY lucky to live along some major coastline – and in the bay area, we’re really close to a lot of the best things the west coast has to offer.

I’m super into water, and always have been – going to the beach, driving to the lake, swimming in pools. You name it, and I’m into it (except for whale watching – wasn’t super into that, and definitely get a little sea sick). We’re super excited to go sailing with our friends this weekend, and can’t wait to get out on the water! According to east coast preps and California boating kids everywhere, here’s an updated take on sailing attire:

Detailed & Delighted // Preppy Can I: Sailing Attire

1. A striped sailor top in wind resistant fabric (some of my favorites are made by Joules and Vineyard Vines)

2. Boat shoes – these Sperry’s are perfect, and light soles won’t leave marks on the hull

3. Patagonia Puffer – break up the wind chill with a lightweight topper in a preppy bright color

4. White Jeans (because, obviously, it’s still summer…)

5. Matching Scarf – equally cute and functional, this will decrease the wind chap on your face + neck


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