Wedding Wednesday: The 7 Golden Rules of Wedding Technology

These days, technology pervades everything – including the wedding industry. On the consumer side (that’s you, brides) there are a number of different ways to use technology to make your wedding day easier and more logistically feasible – think online inspiration boards, web-payments for your vendors, email communication, the wedding #hashtag, and so many more!

Here are the ‘7 golden rules’ of the tech game to remember as your big day approaches:

1. Facebook is not a glass of wine or your best friend – do not turn your profile into a perpetual wedding venting session.

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: Golden Rules of Wedding Tech

Getty Images // Photo via The Knot

With friends getting married, I typically expect one of two social media circumstances: they’re either going to be overtly happy and excited, and only share the great things that happen along their wedding journey (fine), or they’re going to vent and complain publicly for 3-18 months until their wedding day. If the latter, I usually ‘mute’ them from my feed – it’s more a survival mechanism for our friendship than anything else. Try not to be this bride – if you need to vent, find an offline way to do so.

2. E-vites for classy weddings are not “a thing”.

This may be a hotly contested point by modern brides (‘People LIVE in their email inboxes!’) – but that’s the point, really. An invitation to a wedding should traditionally be a departure from the everyday (the inbox), and a call to something special (your wedding). A paper invitation sent by mail feels more formal and considerate, and every recipient will be grateful for the time and thought you put into crafting them/addressing them/sending them out. Looking to save money on paper goods? Try printing sources like Wedding Paper Divas and TinyPrints, who can help you design the invitations of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

3. Do not waste money buying decor (or even your wedding dress) on a shady discount website.

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: Golden Rules of Wedding Tech

Photo (and dress) via Ebay

Say it with me: “If it sounds too good to be true, it most definitely is.” That custom Marchesa wedding gown you’ve been dreaming of that’s listed for $50 online, special-mail-order-sight-unseen from China? That’s a hoax, and a ploy to chip away at your valuable wedding budget. Save yourself the time, money, and heartache, and order online from reputable sources only. If you’re looking for a discount, plenty of reputable sources exist!

4. Instagram is for documenting your life, not just wedding planning – remember to have one.

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: Golden Rules of Wedding Tech

Photo via How He Asked

WE ALL HAVE THAT FRIEND that has posted 185 images of their engagement ring/dog in a bowtie/random wedding crap on social media this year, leading up to her wedding. It’s overwhelming, and can incite feelings of negativity and annoyance in friends, followers, and loved ones. Our best tip? Don’t spam their newsfeeds – keep the rest of your life intact, and make your wedding a small part of it. Instagramming and posting wedding details periodically can be an exciting and fun way to share your experience, but don’t forget everything else you have going on outside of your wedding.

5. Pinning is not the same as planning.

Pinterest is a FANTASTIC wedding resource – to a point. While you’re in your ‘inspiration’ and ‘design’ phases, online Pinboards and visual curations of your ideas are a great use of your time. But pinning won’t organize your service contracts, curate your wedding day timeline, or write your vows for your ceremony – so keep it in check. One last point: don’t confuse vision with action. You may have wonderful design ideas and taste – but it will take action, and a team of wedding professionals, to bring that to life.

6. Read every contract before you sign – even if it only takes one click online to ‘e-sign’.

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: Golden Rules of Wedding Tech

Photo via Brides

Online signatures require very little effort – but do you know what you’re signing? Be sure to take the time to read each and every contract that you receive from vendors, including you event venue. Seem daunting? Hire a planner or month-of coordinator, who can do this for you – they’re trained to look for tiny nuances within wedding contracts that can make all the difference, and can communicate any changes that need to be made.

7. Emails are not always as impactful as conversations – don’t assume that people read yours.

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: Golden Rules of Wedding Tech

Photo via OneWed

When in doubt as to whether or not someone has received your email (like a bridesmaid or your cake bakery), pick up the phone and call them. Tone and context are important, and everyone is busy – a quick call can do the work of 3 back and forth email conversations. You’ll be very thankful when you show up at your event, and everyone is accurately informed.

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