Marina Girl Says: A guide to the delights of Laurel Heights

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

My favorite followers know that it was rare for me to talk about our previous neighborhood on the blog – and it’s probably because we didn’t spend a ton of time there! Russian Hill was such a busy, bustling place, there were always other places to spend our time, to eat out, and to get away from it all.

When we decided to move this summer, we chose our new neighborhood carefully – we wanted a more suburban feel, still within the city limits, where we could walk Chloe in peace, or stroll to brunch without having to dodge traffic. We also wanted more space to move around and have our friends over, and fairly ample parking – we’re those crazy city dwellers that have multiple vehicles. We chose Laurel Heights for its flexibility, proximity to some of our other favorite places in the city, and this rad flat that we hunted down over a period of 3 months (that story to be shared another time). The flats and associated yards mostly look like this, which I love:

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

A pretty house in our neighborhood

We’ve only been in our new spot for a week (YAYYYYY) but I can happily report that everyone is sleeping well, and loving this location. Chloe has even adjusted to her new backyard! Here are some of our favorite neighborhood gems (both old, and new!) in this awesome quarter of San Francisco

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

Grocery Store

1. Bryan’s takes the cake for best grocer in our little village – featuring lots of locally sourced and organic foods, on top of a killer selection of snacks and drinks, as well as dinner options.

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

Bryan’s Supermarket


2. Fine Dining: Spruce

L, E, and nugget miniature (my main squad) and I sampled the fare here for the first time together last fall, and were BLOWN AWAY with how fantastic the menu (and ok, fine, the wine list) was at L’s girly engagement dinner! I’ve gone back a few times since (always leaving beyond stoked), and now that it’s only a few blocks away, we’re planning more frequent visits. ORDER THE STEAK.

3. Brunch: Ella’s

Located a short walk away on Presidio x California, Ella’s is perfect weekend brunch fare. Sporting a seasonal menu (recently, we had lemon ricotta pancakes with poppyseeds) and a low key atmosphere, this was our first brunch in the new neighborhood. My first time at Ella’s with R and little G (my other crew!), we ate so much we had to walk around and shop for an hour or so to fully process the fantastic food we just took down. Bonus? Big windows, so we can watch Chloe while eating. Fab!

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

Ella’s for Brunch

4. Bar: Lion Pub

I originally discovered Lion Pub on a weird Saturday night in the city a few years ago, where we accidentally ran into this bar and decided to give it a shot. From the outside, it looks like a potentially haunted mansion facade from Disneyland – and inside, it’s a cozy and vintage (read: wood paneling) type atmosphere. But I will defend this spot as having the best Greyhound’s (one of my favorite cocktail’s) in all of California — and the secret is in the juice. On the bar, they have a series of industrial juice presses, and churn out fresh grapefruit juice all night to make them! They’re amazing, and my girlfriends and I have had many a night that ended with crazy uber rides to Lion pub (E, you know what I’m talking about).

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

The exterior façade of Lion Pub (on Divisadero x Sacramento)

Stores to Shop

5. This is a tie between Anthem on Sacramento, and the Serena and Lily showroom – they’re both dreamy for homewares and high end furnishings, which is what I’ve been pinning and shopping for most recently.

Chloe Walks

6. UCSF Campus

Chloe’s favorite walk BY FAR includes a romp around the grass, located on the edge of the UCSF campus next door. It’s a small outpost for the university, and hosts their child development and human resources departments (read: not wild students). We love strolling around our new area, and can’t wait to explore more!

Detailed & Delighted // Marina Girl Says: Laurel Village Delights

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