Friday Fabulous: 5 Things (the no-work weekend edition!)

Ladies and gents, today marks the beginning of the FIRST weekend of the summer that I’m not working/moving/traveling/otherwise roaming around, and I couldn’t be happier about it!!! We have some plans to work on getting our new home spot decorated this weekend, and I have plans with the girl group on Saturday for some female fun (not to mention, Chloe’s needs for a beach day + subsequent grooming). There always seems to be a list a quarter mile long of to-do’s and errands that need to be completed, but it’s always nice to have some time to complete them and even potentially (?) get ahead of the game (still uncertain this is totally possible, but one can hope).

Aloha weekend – enjoy our top picks from this week around the internet below, and have a killer Friday!

1. Grumpy Cat (yes, my friends occasionally call me Grumpy Cait) has a new competitor – referred to as Earl the Grumpy Puppy. Follow along on his Instagram account, as this delightful little creature shares his crankiness with the world:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

2. Fortune online thinks investing in an Hermès Birkin handbag (which retail from $5,000 – $223,000 and boast a 6 year waiting list) is a good idea – do you? Check out their interesting investment logic here:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

3. Redecorating a space, or moving in somewhere new (like us) and looking for a formula for fabulousness? Look no further than this article from Domaine, which exposes the 9 key facets that every stylish home has:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

4.  You KNOW how I feel about pastries and carbohydrates in general – how about BISCUIT DOUGHNUTS? Mind blown right here – do you feel like these are a necessary addition to your weekend? I know I do! Recipe via PureWow:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

5. These Mark & Graham personalized copper trays are the best way I know to infuse some old world tavern glam into your cocktail bar at home – gimlet, please!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

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