Paper Wings and Glittery Things – DIY Tassels to adorn anything you like!

Ok fine, I’ll admit it: I’m crazy obsessed with tassels. I like them on my outfits, on my jewelry, and on my drapery – not to mention, key fobs and handbags! There’s something formal and whimsical at the same time about having a tassel swinging around – and I can’t help but think of those Dooney and Bourke handbags we all wanted/had when we were in Junior High School (you know the ones). Warm memories.

Detailed & Delighted // Jr. High Throwback (with Tassels)

Photo via Amazon

I digress: the main issue I see with tassels is that they can get kind of expensive for what they are (essentially, a bundle of craft thread bound together in a stylistically significant color). I recently purchased a set of drapery tassels on One Kings Lane (love them, could not live without them!!). After paying for shipping and completing the online purchase,  I realized that it would actually be very easy to make them. Enter: my new buisness venture, TASSELS by Cait!!

Detailed & Delighted // DIY: Tassels

Photo via Estera Events

Just kidding – I definitely don’t have time to own a tassel-making company. I barely have time to eat breakfast as I’m typing this – the point is, these tassels are very easy to DIY at home, and you can attach them to anything you like. Here’s how to make your own this weekend, in a few short steps! Might I suggest them as keychain party favors at your next hosted bachelorette, or perhaps wedding escort cards? Go nuts!

Craft requirements:

Sharp shears

A few skeins of colored embroidery floss (3 for large tassels, 1 for miniature)

A flat work surface

Steps to a perfect tassel:

1. Unbind the embroidery floss, measure out 3 lengths, and cut. (keep the remaining floss bound together)

2. From the length you just cut, cut in half (so each of two pieces should be 1.5 lengths long)

3. Fold the bound skein of embroidery floss in half at the center, and use one of the cut lengths to tie a double knot around the middle of it  (this will become the tie for the tassel)

4. Lay the remaining cut piece of floss out on your work surface, and place the folded skein with tie on top of it. Tie the cut floss length around the bulk of the folded floss (about 1/2 inch from the top of the bundle), and secure with a double knot.

5. Cut the looped ends of the bundle, as well as any straggling floss threads, and voila- a perfect tassel!

You can now use the thread at the top of the tassel to affix it to anything you can think of – ta da!!!

Detailed & Delighted // DIY: Tassels

Photo via LEIF

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