Princess Primping: My Three Beauty MUST HAVE’S this month

Beauty products and primping are so heavily dependent upon personal preference – and there are so many products available in stores and online, it seems there’s something for everyone. Some women like patchouli and musk; I prefer lighter/cleaner scents that are either fruity, floral, or crisp. I tend to switch up my ‘signature scent’ with the seasons: it keeps things fun, and allows me to define my own personal style through perfumes ( I actually prefer Eau de toilettes, but you get the point). It’s a lot like the way I rotate the candles throughout our house – you won’t find me burning citrus scents in the winter, or pine/woodsy tones in the middle of August.

Detailed & Delighted // Primp: Top 3 Beauty Must Haves

If I’m getting dressed and ready to go out in the morning, I never feel fully prepared to walk out the door until I’ve brushed my teeth (duh, thanks mom) and misted myself with my favorite scent. Makeup is very similar – and every woman has a different skin tone, color palette, and favorite makeup look (or many!). I personally have very golden/yellow hued skin, I blush a bright coral pink, and my eyes do best with neutral browns/pinks/golds, and a dark brown liner. When I was just starting to experiment with makeup in junior high school, my mom gave me a lecture about how makeup “is there to enhance what you already have going on”, and that’s stuck with me for the last decade or so. I was also in show choir in high school, so the whole clown-face for stage lighting was a real wakeup call for how I DID NOT want to look in the light of day. That said, sleep is a bit rare for me these days, so I need a team of beauty products that can really hold their own against late nights, long days at the office, and after work client meetings + social outings.

It can be tough to find exactly what you want in a foundation (lightweight, SPF, full coverage, anti shine, golden hues) or a blush (multi dimensional, shimmer, bright coral, powder only) or even a perfume (summery, warm, clean, muted tones, citrusy) – but I am COMPLETELY obsessed with all things from French cult beauty brand NARS cosmetics, and Tory Burch’s signature perfume.

Between the ‘All Day Luminous Foundation’ in ‘Fiji’ that I picked up last month at Sephora, and the ULTIMATE blush duo (Nars Dual Intensity Blush), I have found makeup nirvana. I don’t even think about it any more – I just wake up, and rub on a few dots of foundation, followed by a few blush brush strokes and some quick mascara. Voila – the perfect day look to get me through a full work day! Follow that with a spritz of ‘Tory Burch’ perfume, and I am ready to conquer the world. What’s YOUR favorite product in your beauty bag this month? Do you have a favorite scent you’re loving right now? Let me know!

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