Wedding Wednesday: The 10 BEST Wedding Favors

When you read the words ‘Party Favors’, what does your mind immediately recall? For me, I remember the incredibly thoughtful and creative goodies my mom would help me customize for all of my childhood birthdays. We’re not talking about plastic baggies from Party City filled with $0.89 cent plastic toys – that would not fly in our household. I’m referring to things like craft frames she had kids decorate at my cowboy party, and then filled with photos of them taken at the event in western garb. THAT level.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to wedding favors, I’m of the opinion that they should be completely tailored and customized to the bride and groom, as well as their event. I’m an eater – so edible gifts are my very favorite! A lot of couples opt for home items or small styled tokens instead – which, when done well, can be lovely. Here are three rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing your wedding favors:

1. Is the favor either immediately edible or mainstream useful (like a bottle opener or dishtowel)? If not, it’s likely to end up in a junk drawer somewhere.

2. If you’re customizing or personalizing the item with a monogram or wedding date, can that be removed to lend the item to every day use in someone else’s home (such as the dishtowel mentioned above)? Consider finding a way to attach a tag or sign with the personalization, and keep the item neutral.

3. Does the item go with your decor, theme, or aesthetic? And if so, is it something you personally would be excited to take home or eat? If not, it’s probably not the right favor choice. You want your guests to be excited about the object that helps them remember your day!

Here are our top 10 FAVORITE favors from around the web, chosen for beauty, creativity, and usability:

1. Bottle Openers with personalized tags

2. Personalized Jam Jars in the couple’s favorite flavor

Detailed & Delighted // Top 10 wedding Favors

Photo by Laura Gordon Photography // via Style Me Pretty (this is my friend Junie’s Wedding!!)

3. PIE POPS!!! Tied with Ribbons! These are my absolute favorite dessert, so obviously…

Detailed & Delighted // Top 10 wedding Favors

Photo via Williams Sonoma

4. Customized miniature bottles of the bride or grooms’ signature drink (great for after-parties!)

5. Cake jars (dessert on the go!) with a late night treat inside

Detailed & Delighted // Top 10 wedding Favors

Photo by Our Labor of Love via Martha Stewart Weddings (From Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison’s wedding!)

6. Customized candles from the BEST soy candlemaker in the world, Illatos Lang (The owner, Jade, is my cousin, and her candles are just BEYOND!!)

Detailed & Delighted // Top 10 wedding Favors

Illatos Lang Australia’s ‘Love’ Candle

7. Honey jar favors with stirrer sticks and tiny tags

8. A perfect customized loose leaf tea blend in cute pouches

9. Mini succelents – perfectly pocket sized, and life-durable

10. Olive oil favors with custom favor tags in Italian – molto benne for an al fresco affair!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The 10 BEST Wedding Favors

  1. Love the honey with sticks and the olive oil brought a smile to my face! If only I was Italian I’d have that at my wedding for sure! I recently wrote an article about plantable wedding favours – cute little hearts and eco friendly!

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