Real Talk Thursday: Dreaming of Cancun

Do you guys ever have one of those work weeks where you feel like you just need to shut down your computer, bail on life, hop on a plane, and take a major siesta on the beach? Or possibly order an oversized blended margarita and drink it under a large pair of shades? How about both?

That’s where I am this week – working like crazy, feeling like I’m drowning, and trying to keep my head up. The vacation countdown has begun (10 days!!) so that definitely helps – but I’m overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted (etc etc, you get it – sorry for complaining, today was a day for real talk). For now, I’m going to dive back into Salesforce, and leave you guys with this perfect image of the Mexican Riviera (Riviera Cancun in Quintana Roo, to be exact). Cannot wait to occupy one of those beach chairs very soon – but first, I’ve got to do something about this to-do list and pipeline…

Just keep swimming – we’ll get there! I’ll check back in tomorrow.

xo – Cait

Detailed & Delighted / /Real Talk Time

Excellence Resort, Riviera Cancun, Quintana Roo

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