My name is Cait: by day, I’m a twenty-something salesperson who sells Data Analytics to midmarket clients in SF. I also moonlight as an associate wedding planner during wedding season and blog year round with Kaella Lynn Events (check us out at http://www.kaellalynnevents.com). My address may say 94118, but LA is my home town, and the best place I’ve ever visited is Nantucket. I’m also admittedly addicted to glitter, determined to be successful, and crazy about the Parisian je ne s’ais quoi!

Detailed & Delighted is a glimpse into the pretty little daydream I’ve cooked up for myself in between the two crazy wonderful jobs, taking care of my absolute princess of a fur baby (@chloethebagelhound), the fiercest girlfriends in the biz (#youcantsitwithus #weparty), the coolest family you’ll ever meet (aka ‘my people’), my gem of a boyfriend, and our life in the city.  My day to day can be nuts sometimes: overwhelming, unpredictable, complicated, expensive, beautiful, eye-opening, warm, humbling, and exceedingly full – but every day, I take a few minutes to remember the things that make me (and girls who like the things I like) smile. The things that sparkle and make our eyes go ‘oooohhhhh!’ and our tummies say ‘yum’!

I believe in Pinot Noir on Tuesdays (preferably at Nectar), home-made berry pies, designer bargain hunting like crazy, and eating Macarons at all available opportunities. I think Tieks are the most comfortable shoes in the world, and that Target trips are the best – where else can you go in for Q-tips and come out with a palm tree and a bag of popcorn (true story)? I’m big on organization and sincerity, and believe that with a happy attitude and a little pixie dust, even the fullest and craziest life is manageable. I live to travel, I read like a fiend, and I have the greatest assortment of friends imaginable (which really, REALLY helps. Not to belabor the point, but I love you guys). And so a toast: cheers to the adventure – may it be long and fabulous, and may the people who surround you be as rad as mine.



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