Friday Fab: Girly Edition

Hey Y’all! If you’re not already on the road to the lake, picturing leaving your office early, or working from home: apologies, but you’re missing the boat.

From the desk of D&D before the long weekend, here are five of the most fab GIRLY things from across the web this week:

  1. Luisa Wendorff (the powerhouse behind last year’s now-famous T.Swift mashup) is back at it – check out her catchy new tune that just launched, ‘DSIDLY’ (Don’t say I didn’t love you, for those of you keeping score at home):
    Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab, GIRLY Edition

    Click through to watch the video! // Photo via Luisa Wendorff Music

    2. Talk about a match made in ‘adorable’ heaven – the ever dreamy Dave Annable (from Brothers and Sisters) and his wife Odette (from The Astronaut Wives Club) hosted a fab fiesta to celebrate her ‘Dirty 30th Birthday’ at their beachfront Malibu home, and surprised guests with a gender reveal for their soon-to-be daughter! Catch all the cuteness on Style Me Pretty Living here:

    Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab, GIRLY Edition

    Gender reveal photo by Hello Blue Photo // Via Style Me Pretty Living

    3. Speaking of hunky – when did Calvin Harris get to smoke-show hotness? This is definitely a new look, right? Follow the evolution of his highness, Mr. Taylor Swift, here on

    Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab, GIRLY Edition

    Photo via Elle

    4. And what about his muse, Taylor Swift herself? Check out some of her happiness mantras on Domaine Home, and get happy like the it-girl herself here:

    Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab, GIRLY Edition

    T. Money looking a little less chill in her ‘Blank Space’ Video

    5. Want to be financially independent, fierce, and kind of a bad-ass like T. Swift and some of your other favorite famous women? Check out Domaine’s Top 5 Tips to establishing financial independence and success here:

    Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab, GIRLY Edition

    Photo via Huffington Post

Friday Fab: 5 pre-vacation things!!

Wooooo hoooo, it’s officially the Friday before vacation, and I could not be more stoked! I plan to do a TON of sleeping and sunning over the next 10 days – what are your plans for the weekend? Hope they’re amaze!

Here’s the best 5 things from around the web this week:

  1. The BEST homemade pickles (unless of course you’ve been to Super Duper Burger, where they make their own) – I’m addicted – follow this PureWow recipe to DIY:

    Detailed & Delighted // Pre-Vacay 5 Things

    Pickles via PureWow

  2. Can we talk about how rad this Frida Kahlo inspired wedding is? Truly dreamy – can’t get enough…

  3. In case you were wondering, here are 18 incredible beaches that prove summer is year round in the right places:

    Detailed & Delighted // Pre-Vacay 5 Things

    Oludeniz, Turkey via Huffington Post Travel

  4. Glamping, you say? I’m into it – and am getting inspired for a little fall getaway after clicking through this gallery:

    Detailed & Delighted // Pre-Vacay 5 Things

    Glamping inspiration via domino and Paws Up Montana

  5. Work life balance is a MAJOR consideration around here (in my office, and in our household – not to mention, San Francisco in general), and at D&D we’re taking our cues from the Europeans, and starting this vacation weekend on a de-stressed note. Here’s why they have the work/life balance thing down:

Friday Fabulous: Five things to kick off your weekend!

Wooo hoooooo, WHO’S READY FOR THE WEEKEND?! Over here at D&D, we could not be more ready – the sun is out, the breeze is lovely, and we have a whole lineup of Friday Fabulousness to get you pumped for this fine August Friday.

Here are our Five favorite things from across the web this week:

1. Stylish office tour – you think your HOME office is fabulous and comfortable? Try the professional and industrial chic workspace of Greycroft Partners (a venture capital firm) in LA. Can I live here?!?! Full gallery through the image at

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo via Domaine

2.  On the hunt for a light and delicious late summer appetizer? Try Purewow’s Feta + Watermelon skewers – they’re flavorful and semi-healthy at the same time. These are perfect for your upcoming end-of-summer soirée – click through the image below for the recipe!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo via Purewow

3. The most perfect pair of LOFT travel/weekend/wedding set up/party pants there ever was – SUCH a good transitional item for your closet as we move into fall. I’m planning on wearing these on our next plane ride – they’re soft and comfortable, while still looking polished and put together. Yes please!

4. With so many of my friends engaged (or almost there), and my penchant for party styling, I can’t wait to host my next Bridal shower – and this flower-centric approach is off the chain. FLOWERS ARE MY FAVORITE (y’all knew that), and by making them the centerpiece (literally, get it?!?!) of your event, you can bring the magical garden feeling indoors. YES! More details on how to style a floral-focused bridal shower by clicking through the image below:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo by Camille Simmons via Domino

5. Two things: 1) LEVO League is pretty much the coolest association of professional women ever, and if you haven’t joined the ranks of females building each other up and sharing career/life advice yet, you need to check them out here. At my former company, we launched a joint initiative in our office with LEVO, and my outlook on womens’ groups has never been the same. They’re amazing! 2) Where did you meet your best friends? I personally have a few gem-worthy friendships from childhood and my early 20’s, but my VERY best friends? I met them at work. And they are my ride or die mafia, forever and always. Please don’t make me quote Carrie Bradshaw about how “women are your soul mates”, because I will… Love you women 🙂 Below, read the article on ‘Why you need a work BFF [or like 5] STAT’…

Friday Fabulous: 5 Things (the no-work weekend edition!)

Ladies and gents, today marks the beginning of the FIRST weekend of the summer that I’m not working/moving/traveling/otherwise roaming around, and I couldn’t be happier about it!!! We have some plans to work on getting our new home spot decorated this weekend, and I have plans with the girl group on Saturday for some female fun (not to mention, Chloe’s needs for a beach day + subsequent grooming). There always seems to be a list a quarter mile long of to-do’s and errands that need to be completed, but it’s always nice to have some time to complete them and even potentially (?) get ahead of the game (still uncertain this is totally possible, but one can hope).

Aloha weekend – enjoy our top picks from this week around the internet below, and have a killer Friday!

1. Grumpy Cat (yes, my friends occasionally call me Grumpy Cait) has a new competitor – referred to as Earl the Grumpy Puppy. Follow along on his Instagram account, as this delightful little creature shares his crankiness with the world:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

2. Fortune online thinks investing in an Hermès Birkin handbag (which retail from $5,000 – $223,000 and boast a 6 year waiting list) is a good idea – do you? Check out their interesting investment logic here:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

3. Redecorating a space, or moving in somewhere new (like us) and looking for a formula for fabulousness? Look no further than this article from Domaine, which exposes the 9 key facets that every stylish home has:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

4.  You KNOW how I feel about pastries and carbohydrates in general – how about BISCUIT DOUGHNUTS? Mind blown right here – do you feel like these are a necessary addition to your weekend? I know I do! Recipe via PureWow:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

5. These Mark & Graham personalized copper trays are the best way I know to infuse some old world tavern glam into your cocktail bar at home – gimlet, please!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: 5 Things

Friday Fabulous: 5 Things

Another delightful weekend is ALMOST upon us (let’s be serious: most of us are on vacay in our minds), and it’s time to party! My version of a weekend party looks like a series of wedding festivities in wine country, tiny celebrations for being moved into our new abode (like fro-yo in our new living room!), and a sailing jaunt on Sunday with some of our favorites. Enjoy your Friday: get out there and do us proud this weekend!

Here’s our roundup of the best Five Things from around the internet this week:

1. One of my best friends (T-Money) and her fiancé live in New York City, and pretty much every time Virgin America has a flight sale, I think about randomly booking a trip to Manhattan and visiting. We did a best bebs weekend last fall in NYC, and it was divine – think Soul Cycle, brunching, random work events, and then walking the High Line and eating world-class Ramen. Here’s a look at how to do a similar 48 hour stint in New York from Domaine:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous: 5 Things

Alta Linea Bar: The outdoor watering hole at the High Line Hotel – ciao aperol spritz e intelligentsia espresso!

2. Now that our kitchen is unpacked and fully functional in our new house, I’m ready to get back to my weekly baking routine! How divine is this all-time perfect sponge cake from Martha Stewart? You’ll have to pop by my kitchen to try it in the next few weeks (or you can make it at home using this recipe):

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous: 5 Things

3. Speaking of being moved in, once the decorating phase has been completed, I’m looking forward to hosting friends and family in our new guest room! Here are the top 30 things to do before your guests arrive to make their stay more comfortable, as compiled by PureWow:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous: 5 Things

4. The BEST cropped jogger pants I’ve found this season (in the most divine peacock blue), and definitely worth the splurge:

5. Ready for the weekend, but still stuck at your desk for a few hours? Check out Afar’s Dreamiest Beach locations, and get carried away…I’ve basically been in Positano, Italy (mentally) for the last 2 weeks!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fabulous: 5 Things


Friday Fabulous: Five Things

Woo hoooo! It has been a major week, and around here, we are SO very stoked for the weekend.

Here’s our roundup of the best Five Things from around the internet this week!

1. With more than 75% of couples getting married in the spring/summer, it’s a good time to talk about relationships! Here’s a key indicator (via Refinery 29) to help you decide if your partner is the one:

2. The CUTEST raincoat for early fall (it’s coming!) and a HUGE 60% off sale this week at Joules:

3. I MISS LA! Here are 9 movies based in the most fabulous US city to get you in the same mood (via PureWow):

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: Five Things

500 Days of Summer // Photo via PureWow

4. Feel crazed and chaotic in the morning? Take a cue from these leading ladies on how to start your day off right:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab: Five Things

Successful Womens’ Morning Routines via Domaine

5. The classiest of the classy, Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls, has released her 10 style lessons for those of us who need them – check them out here:

Friday Fabulous – July 10th Edit

Phew, this was a long one! Between coming off of a holiday weekend, a lot of lingering June gloom in the city, stepping into a new role at work, and kicking wedding season into high gear, we are READY FOR THE WEEKEND OVER HERE. Chloe has on her party harness, I’m counting down the hours until girl’s night tonight with Rach and G-money (I have the raddest friends), and its going to be a good one – I can feel it! Let’s all just make a pact to get through the next 6-9 hours with grace and moderate energy (ahem, coffee), and by then, we will have made it – k?

Here’s our weekly round up of what’s Fabulous on Friday to get you through your morning:

1. In one of the saddest celebrity break-up’s since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (and Jen + Brad/Jessica + Nick before them…), the estimable Lord Scott Disick and reality maven Kourtney Kardashian have ended a decade of good times, hard laughs on TV, and dysfunctional family vibes via monogrammed loafers and a home that resembles ‘Beetlejuice’. Here, some of his best moments while being his hilarious self, in memoriam of happier times :

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

2. The prettiest little tassel earrings that you ever did see have made it to Baublebar – and I have to tell you, I think we all need a pair. What ELSE are you going to wear with that overtly colorful peasant dress/maxxi on your vacay to tropical isles? I thought so – find them here:

3. Feminism is making something of an unexpected play right now – in architecture. ‘She-sheds’ are this years alternative to ‘Man-caves’ – and after seeing how chic these can be, you’re going to want one too. I’m having a vision of myself running D&D from a treehouse shed…and how delightful is the Ivy-covered hideout for any purpose you like? More here:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

Ivy ‘She-shed’ via PureWow

4. My girl P.J. and I discovered the BEST new French confiserie (sweet shoppe) in SOMA this week, and made a WELL WORTH IT afternoon expedition in search of Macarons and treats. We came back from Chantall Guillon with lemon poppyseed (me) and red velvet macarons (her), and the best iced tea I’ve ever had – seriously. They serve Mariage Freres French Tea in ‘Vert Provence’ on ice – think Lavender and Rose scented green tea, with the faintest hint of Jasmine. You can order the tea in bulk here (don’t worry, I already have), but this shop is a MUST visit in town:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

The best iced tea ever. ‘Vert Provence’ from Chantal Guillon

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

5. With followers like Oprah Winfrey and celebrities themselves, the ladies running ‘The Skimm’ have got a thing or two to say about the news, and how much of it you need, in a new Business Insider Article (thanks for sharing, Mom). “[Readers] might be going to a cocktail party or wedding, where news stories come up in conversation. We want our readers to be able to start the conversations. The Skimm is meant to be a confidence booster.” Read more here about what it takes to be a #boss, and sign up for ‘The Skimm’ here:

Detailed & Delighted // Fab Friday

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, Co-founders of The Skimm