How to Stay Sane in a crazy life patch: My 3 Tips

Hey all – it comes as no surprise to anyone that in the middle of wedding season, surrounded by a new team at work and building out a new division (and PS we moved houses this summer as well, did you know?) – I’m a little overwhelmed and stressed! Stress does not have to be overwhelming or anxiety inducing, however – I’m learning how to manage my day-to-day, and finding ways to offset the rush of the work week in my free moments.

Here are my top 3 ways to mellow out and remember who you are when you’re overwhelmed:

  1. Yoga: even if you’re not flexible or crunchy (you don’t actually have to be either to get a benefit from the practice of Yoga), you can still focus on conscious breathing and sitting still – good skills for any human. Add to that some potential exercise benefits, the chance to see a friend and participate in a group activity, and I’m on board. I like The Pad Studios in the marina, and you’ll find me there after work at least one night a week. Namasté.Detailed & Delighted // How to Destress
  2. Hobbies: it sounds counter-intuitive, but I have found that adding an enjoyable activity to the lineup for my week outside of work can make me look forward and get through the tough stuff faster. I’ve recently been getting back into horseback riding and equestrian training (I LOVE horses), and scheduling riding lessons is something I’m really looking forward to, to help balance out my day and give me a hobby to work on improving. If you have absolutely zero time, and want to preserve any free moments you have, try something less out of the way like reading a book or listening to an online TED talk.Detailed & Delighted // How to Destress
  3. Spend time with your people: I have a lot going on at any given time, and it’s so important for me to ‘let my hair down’ with my best friends, my hound dog, my family, and my better half. How else do you get reminders of who you are beneath the chaos? My tribe fills up my heart, and every now and then, I just need a little boost in the form of a phone call to my mom, a g-chat with my bff, or a brunch walk with our little family on a Sunday. I love my people, and carving out an hour or two each week (At LEAST) to spend with them makes everything else feel more manageable.Detailed & Delighted // How to Destress