Perfectly Styled: Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Loyal followers, I’m sorry my presence has been spotty (at best) this week — keeping up has been TOUGH recently (totally my fault), and I’ve been a little too human for my own liking! That said, we missed Wedding Wednesday this week (which y’all KNOW is my secret favorite), and I wanted to make up for that today.

Let’s talk about Equestrian: not only is horse sport one of the oldest pastimes in the books (since medieval times, no pun intended), it’s also one of the most beautiful. Not everyone rides or loves a horse of their own, but most people inherently appreciate the history and class that lives in the Equestrian aesthetic. (Hermes built a business upon it in Paris, and girls everywhere don riding boots each winter as a style statement).

Refined riding has always been popular among a select set of citizens, but recently, we’re seeing a revival of equestrian design in the public eye – specifically in the wedding industry. I’m starting to ride again at a local barn in September, and last weekend, Kaella Lynn Events pulled off a wedding in Los Altos with an equestrian vibe – so I’ve got horses on the brain! Here are some of my favorite inspirations for an equestrian wedding that is equal parts girly, classic, and traditional:

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

A gorgeous floral horse wreath on a pretty mare // Photo by Corbin Gurkin via Style Me Pretty

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Derby inspired cocktails in silver Julep Cups // Photo by Jodi Miller via Style Me Pretty

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

An orchid adorned leather saddle // Photo via This Is Glamorous

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Horseshoe escort cards // photo by Jessica Lewis Photography via Style Me Pretty

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Bridal Portrait //Photo by Heather Rowland Photography via Southern Weddings

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Pretty pink place settings // Photo by Kristin Moore via Style Me Pretty

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Trophy centerpieces // Photo by Al Gaulik via Burnett’s Boards

Detailed & Delighted // Equestrian Wedding Inspo

Prize ribbons vignette in shades of blush // Photo via Grace Bonney

Perfectly Styled: Master Bedroom Inspo

If you’re doing it right, your master bedroom should be your own personal definition of ‘Oasis’. Your office may be your command center, and your car may be your own personal starship, but in THIS blog post, we’re discussing the merits of having somewhere to come home to, literally kick off your shoes, and drift off into a peaceful slumber amidst silk, velvet, and your favorite decor.

Or at least that’s what I’m going for – everyone has their own personal style! Recently, I’m loving rich textures (like velvet and raw silk), Eastern silhouttes (like those from Morocco and Paris), and chic hotel quality bed linens with a high enough thread count to make you swoon. There’s also something to be said for anchoring preppy brights with calm neutrals (like blue or grey), and including a cheeky art or decor piece as well! Below, get the scoop on some of my favorite pieces for your master suite:

Detailed & Delighted // Master Bedroom InspoClockwise from top right:

  1. A cheeky art piece – Period Wall Hanging from Alexander & Pearl
  2. Moroccan silhouette headboard – Safaveih Connie Headboard
  3. Raw silk textured drapes (bonus: Blackout lined!) – Pottery Barn Silk Dupioni drapes in Porcelain Blue
  4. A luxe throw (a girl can dream) – Hermès Avalon throw in orange/ecru
  5. A French toile pillow – Chairish Grey and Black Accent Pillow
  6. A Preppy striped Duvet (monogrammable, too!) – Pottery Barn Morgan Duvet Cover in Clementine
  7. A neutral bureau – OKA Celine Chest of Drawers

Happy Decorating!

Paper Wings and Glittery Things – DIY Tassels to adorn anything you like!

Ok fine, I’ll admit it: I’m crazy obsessed with tassels. I like them on my outfits, on my jewelry, and on my drapery – not to mention, key fobs and handbags! There’s something formal and whimsical at the same time about having a tassel swinging around – and I can’t help but think of those Dooney and Bourke handbags we all wanted/had when we were in Junior High School (you know the ones). Warm memories.

Detailed & Delighted // Jr. High Throwback (with Tassels)

Photo via Amazon

I digress: the main issue I see with tassels is that they can get kind of expensive for what they are (essentially, a bundle of craft thread bound together in a stylistically significant color). I recently purchased a set of drapery tassels on One Kings Lane (love them, could not live without them!!). After paying for shipping and completing the online purchase,  I realized that it would actually be very easy to make them. Enter: my new buisness venture, TASSELS by Cait!!

Detailed & Delighted // DIY: Tassels

Photo via Estera Events

Just kidding – I definitely don’t have time to own a tassel-making company. I barely have time to eat breakfast as I’m typing this – the point is, these tassels are very easy to DIY at home, and you can attach them to anything you like. Here’s how to make your own this weekend, in a few short steps! Might I suggest them as keychain party favors at your next hosted bachelorette, or perhaps wedding escort cards? Go nuts!

Craft requirements:

Sharp shears

A few skeins of colored embroidery floss (3 for large tassels, 1 for miniature)

A flat work surface

Steps to a perfect tassel:

1. Unbind the embroidery floss, measure out 3 lengths, and cut. (keep the remaining floss bound together)

2. From the length you just cut, cut in half (so each of two pieces should be 1.5 lengths long)

3. Fold the bound skein of embroidery floss in half at the center, and use one of the cut lengths to tie a double knot around the middle of it  (this will become the tie for the tassel)

4. Lay the remaining cut piece of floss out on your work surface, and place the folded skein with tie on top of it. Tie the cut floss length around the bulk of the folded floss (about 1/2 inch from the top of the bundle), and secure with a double knot.

5. Cut the looped ends of the bundle, as well as any straggling floss threads, and voila- a perfect tassel!

You can now use the thread at the top of the tassel to affix it to anything you can think of – ta da!!!

Detailed & Delighted // DIY: Tassels

Photo via LEIF

Perfectly Styled: Huntsman’s Den Inspired Décor

There’s something to be said for the pre-fall feeling that hangs in the air at the end of the summer – it inspires us to consider more structured and refined fabrics, styles, and decor, and it launches us into a brand new season full of promise. I’ve been dreaming of a cozy and autumnal hunting den in place of living room – picture a British manor home with vintage estate pieces, custom painted wallpaper, and gold accents that lend a sense of tradition and elegance to the room. To keep the look from feeling stuffy, bright pops of color and smooth finishes make the design feel new and modern. Check out our favorite hunting den inspired pieces below:

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled:  Huntsman's Den Inspired Décor

Aerin Lauder’s vintage Tapestry via Elle Decor

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled:  Huntsman's Den Inspired Décor

Mackenzie Childs Lamp in Courtly Check via Horchow

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled:  Huntsman's Den Inspired Décor

California Wet Bar by Miles Redd, as featured in Architectural Digest

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled:  Huntsman's Den Inspired Décor

Gracie Handpainted Wallpaper

Perfectly Styled: Spotlight on Society Social

Let’s have girl-talk for a minute: juggling a lot of things (like homes and families and jobs and hobbies) can be majorly tricky. And on top of that, there’s an expectation in the world that we’re supposed to look like Jessica Alba, cook like Ina Garten, and be a #GirlBoss like Ariana Huffington. Is anyone else really tired by the time they get home in the evenings?

I’ve been meditating on the concept of a styled home, and I’ve decided that (at least for me), coming home to a space that is well tailored for our life, and curated to our taste, makes everything else just a little bit easier to handle throughout the week. The idea of an organized living room (with pretty pictures on the wall) is comforting as you walk in the door – and that’s an invaluable feeling. It’s a little bit difficult to put a single label on my style in home furnishings (I’m the girl who had Hello Kitty EVERYTHING as a freshman in the college dorms) – but I’m okay with something closer to a ‘style profile’ that more accurately captures the eclectic designs that I’m attracted to.

My paternal Grandmother was part nature valley hippie, part spiritual Earth mother; my better half is a preppy east-coaster with classic and traditional taste; my parents still live in a perfectly-lived-in-yet-Pottery-Barn-esque home that’s as comfortable as it is functional; and my other mom has a flair for accent walls, dramatic fabrics, travel curiosities, and animal prints. Take all of these influences, put them in a twenty-something, and you get me, except for one major differentiator: I like Kate-Spade-style brights. We’re talking pops of preppy and cheerful color everywhere – and NO SINGLE DESIGN SHOP does it better than curator Roxy Te Owens’ ‘Society Social’!

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

If you’ve never shopped Society Social, here’s what you need to know:

1. Their designs are durable, chic, and perfectly pair-able – hellllooo pillow combos!

2. Preppy colors and vintage throw-backs are the name of the game.

3. Most everything is customizable to your preference and palette – so play with color!

4. New arrivals pop up on a frequent basis to keep things fresh – so you never want for new inspiration.

5. They curate a small collection of fabulous vintage pieces that are one of a kind!

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

Check out Society Social here, and take a gander at some of my favorite picks from their current line below:

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

The Pagoda Pet Bed + Owner Roxy Te Owens

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

The Petit Rattan Foot Stool in Citrus by Inslee Fabric (and ok, this entire living room)

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

MY FAVORITE ITEM: The Bow Back Piper chair (yes there is a huge bow on the back, check it out online!)

Detailed & Delighted: Perfectly Styled // Spotlight on Society Social

The Faux Bamboo Tray (pink is my favorite, but they’re all fab!)

Perfectly Styled: Beverly Hills Bath Inspiration

For those of us that live in San Francisco, we know that updating a new apartment can be daunting – perhaps your living room is missing a light source (ours was last time around), the nearest laundry mat is 10 blocks away, or maybe your bathroom doesn’t have a working fan/window. Whatever the situation is, most pre-war and even homes built in the ’50’s and ’60’s have abundant quirks – and it’s up to you to decide how much weird is acceptable/livable.

Being something of a DIY-lover, I was pretty excited when we originally toured our new space – and a lot of that centered around the fact that we will have not one, but TWO vintage bathrooms in our new apartment. Add to that the existing tile from 1950 in an amazing vintage pattern, and you have one rad set of guest bathroom ‘bones’ to work with. I immediately starting picturing scenes from the Beverly Hills Hotel – those iconic striped pool towels, palm printed walls, and Pepto pink in abundance.

We decided to have some fun with the space (since it’s already bright and punchy), and by this time next week, we should be moved in and ready to tango! Check out my mood board below for inspiration – I promise to post Before/After pictures from our actual space down the road!

Key Inspiration Elements:

The Beverly Hills Hotel Iconic Logo and Signature Color

A fresh take on the palm print wall (that matches our existing tile more closely than the original palm wallpaper)

A Flamingo to really anchor the leisure vibe in the powder room

Clean polished nickel accents and a new fixture that will sparkle for guests

That perfect pink retro tile, which will remain intact

Detailed & Delighted // Perfectly Styled: Beverly Hills Bath Inspo

Lovely Lawn Furniture

For those of you who love spring and outdoor fêtes as much as I do, the advent of new lawn furniture designs is an exciting event at this time of year!  Target and Restoration Hardware both release new lines of weather-proof furniture and decor, and retailers start selling sun umbrellas. Typically, around March, I start planning a number of outdoor activities for our social calendar, and contemplate the design of my current outdoor space.

This year, I opted to re-plant a number of the flowers on our Lombard street balcony, and refinish the existing wood lawn chairs we had – resulting in a DIY Saturday that yielded a lovely refresh for our outdoor space. I’m also hosting a garden party later this month, and plan to read on the deck just as soon as these pesky rain clouds pass by ( just kidding: we need the rain. We’re in a drought. I know this, but I still love sunshine)! Investing in a few well made and weather resistant outdoor pieces is a great idea, and will bring you joy for seasons to come.

The punchy colors and fun patterns that you can get away with in an outdoor design are some of my favorites. A bright ceramic gardening stool in a fun shape, and a wicker peacock chair (preferably vintage) are currently on my wishlist. I want a peacock chair more than anything in the world right now. Who’s up for a trip to the antiques fair?!?!!!

Here are some of my other favorite necessities for a delightfully decorated lawn or garden:

Detailed & Delighted: Lovely Lawn Furniture

Clockwise from top:

1. Austram Classix Round Hanging Planter (set of 12) – WayFair

2. Polywood South Beach Dining Chair in lemon – Amazon

3. Safavieh Eric end table in green – Domino

4. Fortuny Rabat Gilded Lantern (large) – L’Objet

5. Otis glazed ceramic silver elephant – Domino

6. D’etendre Peacock Chair – Urban Outfitters (**Editor Favorite!!)

7. Luna Daybed – Restoration Hardware

Happy Sunning!