Real Talk Thursday: Dreaming of Cancun

Do you guys ever have one of those work weeks where you feel like you just need to shut down your computer, bail on life, hop on a plane, and take a major siesta on the beach? Or possibly order an oversized blended margarita and drink it under a large pair of shades? How about both?

That’s where I am this week – working like crazy, feeling like I’m drowning, and trying to keep my head up. The vacation countdown has begun (10 days!!) so that definitely helps – but I’m overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted (etc etc, you get it – sorry for complaining, today was a day for real talk). For now, I’m going to dive back into Salesforce, and leave you guys with this perfect image of the Mexican Riviera (Riviera Cancun in Quintana Roo, to be exact). Cannot wait to occupy one of those beach chairs very soon – but first, I’ve got to do something about this to-do list and pipeline…

Just keep swimming – we’ll get there! I’ll check back in tomorrow.

xo – Cait

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Excellence Resort, Riviera Cancun, Quintana Roo

Wedding Wednesday: California Rustic Wedding Inspo

It’s really easy to forget that while I live in a bubble of weddings, sunshine, and the ‘California’ aesthetic, not everyone is a 30 minute drive from the magic that is wine country, or an hour outside of Carmel! Rustic luxury is a wedding ‘theme’ (I hate that word) that came into the popular spotlight in the last 10 years, and it’s major. Perfectly in tune with California’s look (golden hillsides, perfect sunsets, vineyards and ranches galore), rustic doesn’t have to mean your wedding happens in a barn or that it looks overtly ‘Pinteresting’ – the key to this look is simplicity and an abundance of natural elements. In keeping with easy breezy west coast style, California weddings are really popular, and they’re typically characterized by incorporating some of the outdoor beauty of the event venue into the design and styling of the event. You can get married in a garden, in a field, or in a forest – the idea is to keep the vibe ‘natural’.

Here are 5 key components that many rustic California weddings have in common:

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: California rustic weddings

1. An outdoor venue space, like this grape-covered area at Holman Ranch, in Carmel Valley

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: California rustic weddings

2. Natural wooden furniture, like these bistro chairs and farm tables (Photo by Michael Radford via Style Me Pretty)

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: California rustic weddings

3. Lots of natural light and fine art photography (Photo by Delbarr Moradi via Style Me Pretty)

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: California rustic weddings

4. A loose wildflower aesthetic, bonus points for peonies and dahlias (Photo via Inspired Bride)

Detailed & Delighted // Wedding Wednesday: California rustic weddings

5. Natural greenery elements, and un-stuffy desserts and presentation, like this naked cake on a wooden cheese board, adorned in olive branches and tea roses (Photo by Jemma Keech)

Culinary Couture: Italian Stuffed Peppers

There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal on a Sunday, and I find that when I’m in to mood to chef on the weekends, I gravitate toward classic comforts, like roasted chicken and Italian dishes. One of my favorite dishes from childhood (which my parents picked up from my grandparents) is a gooey, bubbling, cheesy stuffed bell pepper. I re-create this one about once a month, and our little household can’t get enough. The easiest recipe in the world, ladies and gentlemen…

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Reminder: your dish is only as good as your wholesome ingredients, so be particular!

Italian Stuffed Peppers:

You will need:

  • 4 large, rounded red (or green/yellow/orange) bell peppers (the sweeter, the better)
  • 1 lb lean (96%) ground beef {you can use ground turkey, if you prefer}
  • 1 package of organic Israeli cous cous (I like tri-color)
  • 1 jar of marinara sauce {flavor is up to you!}
  • Garlic salt, pepper, and seasonings to taste (red pepper flakes give these a nice kick)
  • Shredded skim mozzarella cheese (1 package)

Cooking Steps:

  1. Preheat your oven to bake at 450°
  2. Begin with your pound of ground beef – brown in a skillet , and season to taste (Garlic salt = life).
  3. Once browned through, set aside. Boil your cous cous according to the directions on the package, and simmer until all liquid has been absorbed. If you want a real flavor upgrade, you can simmer the cous cous in chicken or beef stock, instead of water – it makes a huge difference!
  4. On a cutting board, use a paring knife to carefully carve out the stem and surrounding ‘lid’ of each washed pepper. Pick out all seeds and other pepper matter inside, and rinse clean in cold running water.
  5. Spray a casserole dish or square baker (I use this square Le Creuset ceramic baker with a lid) with olive oil or cooking spray, and arrange the hollow peppers within it.
  6. Once the cous cous is finished simmering, add drained ground beef to the pot, and mix in the jar of tomato sauce. Bubble on low for 2-3 minutes, until all is mixed and simmering.
  7. Using a large tablespoon, spoon this mixture into each pepper, until full. Add a large pinch of shredded mozzarella cheese on top of each, and red pepper flakes if desired
  8. Bake at 450° for 40 minutes, until cheese is browned and bubbly, and peppers are soft to the touch.

Bon appetit!

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Organic red peppers from the farmer’s market

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Browning Ground Beef

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Simmering tri-color cous cous

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Hollowed out peppers

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Mix in tomato sauce

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Chloe, waiting until the Peppers have baked

Detailed & Delighted // Culinary Couture: Baked Stuffed Italian Peppers

Ta Da!

Macaron Monday: Parisian Cultural Finds – 3 gems

Bonjour, mon amis!

Happy Monday – and hope you’re having a great one so far. I spent this past weekend running a Sonoma wedding (beautiful), and working on the design/styling of our new home – it’s coming along! Sorry for the brief hiatus – the fam and I are working ’round the clock to pull our little house together. 

At the moment, I’m contemplating a Parisian black and white motif in our guest room, to keep things chic and contemporary, while still carrying through a traditional theme. Looking for Parisian inspiration (outside of everyone’s instagrams), I did a bit of research on Parisian culture this weekend. Here are three off-the-beaten-track cultural finds to inspire your next trip to Paris:

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

Nestled in the 14th arrondissement, the Cartier Foundation’s contemporary art center is the perfect place to find off-beat art installations (like graffiti and street art exhibits and photography series). Bonus for those with little travelers: creative workshops and family friendly guided visits are offered weekly.

Detailed & Delighted // Macaron Monday: 3 Parisian Cultural Gems

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

Petit Palais

One of the most iconic Beaux-arts buildings commissioned for the 1900 exhibition, the Petit Palais is located directly across the street from the Grand Palais in the 8th arrondissement, and features mosaics and stained glass in the rotunda. The structure houses decorative arts, sculptures, ancient and classical art, graphic art, and symbolist murals. The relatively affordable garden café is also a perfect lunch stop! Did I mention that this site is featured in one of my favorite movies (‘The Devil Wears Prada’), when Andy and Miranda are working at Paris Fashion week? Le swoon.

Detailed & Delighted // Macaron Monday: 3 Parisian Cultural Gems

Petit Palais

Rodin Museum

While Rodin’s ‘thinker’ statue is BEYOND popular and well known, the Rodin museum is relatively small and less crowded than other popular tourist destinations in Paris. The interior works are stunning, but the outdoor statue garden is the piece de resistance – particularly when in full bloom! A must visit for art lovers and fresh air aficionados alike. 

Detailed & Delighted // Macaron Monday: 3 Parisian Cultural Gems

Rodin Museum

Happy wandering!

Friday Fabulous: Five things to kick off your weekend!

Wooo hoooooo, WHO’S READY FOR THE WEEKEND?! Over here at D&D, we could not be more ready – the sun is out, the breeze is lovely, and we have a whole lineup of Friday Fabulousness to get you pumped for this fine August Friday.

Here are our Five favorite things from across the web this week:

1. Stylish office tour – you think your HOME office is fabulous and comfortable? Try the professional and industrial chic workspace of Greycroft Partners (a venture capital firm) in LA. Can I live here?!?! Full gallery through the image at

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo via Domaine

2.  On the hunt for a light and delicious late summer appetizer? Try Purewow’s Feta + Watermelon skewers – they’re flavorful and semi-healthy at the same time. These are perfect for your upcoming end-of-summer soirée – click through the image below for the recipe!

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo via Purewow

3. The most perfect pair of LOFT travel/weekend/wedding set up/party pants there ever was – SUCH a good transitional item for your closet as we move into fall. I’m planning on wearing these on our next plane ride – they’re soft and comfortable, while still looking polished and put together. Yes please!

4. With so many of my friends engaged (or almost there), and my penchant for party styling, I can’t wait to host my next Bridal shower – and this flower-centric approach is off the chain. FLOWERS ARE MY FAVORITE (y’all knew that), and by making them the centerpiece (literally, get it?!?!) of your event, you can bring the magical garden feeling indoors. YES! More details on how to style a floral-focused bridal shower by clicking through the image below:

Detailed & Delighted // Friday Fab

Photo by Camille Simmons via Domino

5. Two things: 1) LEVO League is pretty much the coolest association of professional women ever, and if you haven’t joined the ranks of females building each other up and sharing career/life advice yet, you need to check them out here. At my former company, we launched a joint initiative in our office with LEVO, and my outlook on womens’ groups has never been the same. They’re amazing! 2) Where did you meet your best friends? I personally have a few gem-worthy friendships from childhood and my early 20’s, but my VERY best friends? I met them at work. And they are my ride or die mafia, forever and always. Please don’t make me quote Carrie Bradshaw about how “women are your soul mates”, because I will… Love you women 🙂 Below, read the article on ‘Why you need a work BFF [or like 5] STAT’…

Perfectly Styled: Master Bedroom Inspo

If you’re doing it right, your master bedroom should be your own personal definition of ‘Oasis’. Your office may be your command center, and your car may be your own personal starship, but in THIS blog post, we’re discussing the merits of having somewhere to come home to, literally kick off your shoes, and drift off into a peaceful slumber amidst silk, velvet, and your favorite decor.

Or at least that’s what I’m going for – everyone has their own personal style! Recently, I’m loving rich textures (like velvet and raw silk), Eastern silhouttes (like those from Morocco and Paris), and chic hotel quality bed linens with a high enough thread count to make you swoon. There’s also something to be said for anchoring preppy brights with calm neutrals (like blue or grey), and including a cheeky art or decor piece as well! Below, get the scoop on some of my favorite pieces for your master suite:

Detailed & Delighted // Master Bedroom InspoClockwise from top right:

  1. A cheeky art piece – Period Wall Hanging from Alexander & Pearl
  2. Moroccan silhouette headboard – Safaveih Connie Headboard
  3. Raw silk textured drapes (bonus: Blackout lined!) – Pottery Barn Silk Dupioni drapes in Porcelain Blue
  4. A luxe throw (a girl can dream) – Hermès Avalon throw in orange/ecru
  5. A French toile pillow – Chairish Grey and Black Accent Pillow
  6. A Preppy striped Duvet (monogrammable, too!) – Pottery Barn Morgan Duvet Cover in Clementine
  7. A neutral bureau – OKA Celine Chest of Drawers

Happy Decorating!

New Feature Launch Today: D&D Daily Look!

WOOOO HOOOO, today is the first of many new feature launches for Detailed & Delighted, and I couldn’t be more excited! (Consequently, I love that that rhymes). Today, we’re kicking off our ‘D&D Daily Look’ feature, which will be posted each day on our Facebook Page – so don’t forget to like us there, and follow along with all the fun!

We’ll be curating a single styled look from across the web each day that shouts ‘Pizazz’ and reflects our favorite aesthetics – so let us know which ones you love, and which ones you’re not sure about in the comments! Love you love you love you party animals – thanks for keeping up with us on the blog, and see you all on Facebook!

xoxo – C

D&D Daily Look // Kim Kardashian in Balmain